tl;dr: Come join us and have a massive impact on the lives of kids across Africa. You’ll have loads of autonomy, work on some of the toughest problems in education and own a slice of one of the fastest growing companies south of the equator! Most of our team is based in Cape Town, but you can live wherever you like in the world, as long as you laugh along at our dumb jokes.

Hey there, thanks for stopping by! We’re Erik and Henry, the founders of an education company called Watobe. We’re experienced entrepreneurs based between Cape Town and London, and we’re on a mission to radically transform learning for millions of children across Africa. Our company is backed by some of the best names in education and tech (our staff has previously worked for Pearson, PwC, Facebook, BBC, and others). We have big, big growth plans over the next few years, and we’re looking for a superstar to help turn our product vision into reality. Kinda wondering if that could be you?

Our product

For the past two years, we’ve been running experiments on a small user base to figure out what combination of interactive content, recommendations, tutoring, nudges, messages, mentoring, and parental support lead to better understanding and consistent study habits. We’re now ready to take those lessons learned and build a new platform, from scratch, to give high school students the best possible foundation to succeed in mathematics and other subjects. It’s more than just an app – we’re instilling behaviours and mindsets that will take our users from failing in school to succeeding.

Our culture

We’re currently a tiny dev team (just Alex, in fact) so you’ll be involved in every stage of product development, from requirements gathering and understanding our users’ needs, to brainstorming, prototyping, experimenting, refining, testing, and ultimately building a slick, scalable solution. We don’t split Product and Tech functions, with one telling the other what to build. Instead, we believe in hiring devs who take full ownership of the problem and work with our Learning, Growth, and Mentoring teams to come up with the best solutions for our users.

Your “boss”

Alex is our Tech Lead – for the past 20 years he’s been building award-winning education products used by millions of kids worldwide, such as Times Table Rockstars and Banjo Robinson. He’ll be your “boss”, but he doesn’t like “managing” so he’ll want someone independent who can wrap their arms around a project and run with it.

What you’ll be doing

  • Discussing architectural choices with Alex
  • Integrating backend services: ensuring the learning management system speaks to the CRM, which connects to the messaging platform, which relays information from our reporting tool… you’ll be dreaming about APIs and webhooks in your sleep!
  • Designing slick frontend interfaces for our responsive web app – ed tech is often ugly, and we want to be different
  • Creating experiments to split test new features
  • Building chatbots and flow-bots
  • Creating a content recommendation algorithm
  • Extracting user performance data and turning it into easy-to-understand reports
  • Ensuring we have a seamless customer signup and payment process
  • Analysing user behaviour to pinpoint problems, engagement-killers, etc.
  • Setting up smart testing regimens so fewer of those pesky bugs slip through into release

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