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Learn maths at home

  • Group-based tutoring
  • 2 classes per week
  • Teachers from top schools
  • Ask questions, get immediate help
  • Weekly progress reports for parents
  • Works on every device

Gain 10 to 30% in maths

Our qualified teachers will explain mathematics in ways your child can understand.

Transport? No, thanks.

Save 8 hours on transport and R800 in fees each month compared to offline tutoring. Watobe costs just R299 a month – that’s less than R40 per lesson!  

Stories from our learners

“I like that I can ask questions if I don’t understand something.”

Anam joined Watobe in August after scoring 42% in term 2. She attended nearly every Watobe live class over the ensuing months and doubled her maths mark to an incredible 82% in the final term!

Marks increased from code 3 to code 7 in five months
Grade 10

“If you’re struggling with maths, Watobe makes it easy!”

Asonge needed a good mark in order to take Pure Maths in grade 10. Before joining Watobe, he had a code 2. Within a few months of live classes he managed a code 5 in his final term. Way to go, Asonge!

Marks increased from code 2 to code 5 in three months
Grade 9

“The best thing about Watobe is how patient the teachers are.”

Luniko was failing with a code 1 in maths. His mom signed him up for Watobe in June and after months of hard work, he managed a code 4 in his final term. Thanks mom, and well done Luniko!

Marks increased from code 1 to code 4 in six months
Grade 9

How it works

  • Watobe maths classes take place on Zoom
  • Our teacher takes the class through interactive explanations and exercises, pausing frequently for questions
  • Teaching assistants provide additional support when learners get stuck
  • Each week there is a quiz to assess understanding
  • If you miss a class, the recording will be available within 24 hours

Upcoming live lessons

If you miss a class you can watch the recording.

Mon 23 May, 17:00Grade 7 Number Patterns: lesson 3
Making a Rule for a Number Pattern
Mon 23 May, 17:00Grade 8 Functions and Relationships: lesson 3
Plotting Points on the Cartesian Plane
Mon 23 May, 18:00Grade 11 Number Patterns: lesson 1
Intro to Number Patterns
Tue 24 May, 17:00Grade 9 Algebra – Factorising: lesson 5
Trinomials - Stepping Up
Tue 24 May, 17:00Grade 12 Analytical Geometry Foundations: lesson 5
The Equation of a Tangent to a Circle
Tue 24 May, 18:00Grade 10 Functions: Parabola, Hyperbola and Exponentials: lesson 7
Exponential - Finding the Equation

Boost exam results

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