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  • Group-based tutoring
  • 2 classes per week
  • Teachers from top schools
  • Ask questions, get immediate help
  • Weekly progress reports for parents
  • Works on every device

Gain up to 30% in maths

Our qualified teachers will explain mathematics in ways your child can understand.

Transport? No, thanks.

Save thousands on transport costs and tuition fees compared to offline tutoring. Watobe is just R299 a month – that’s less than R40 per lesson!  

Stories from our learners

“I like that I can ask questions if I don’t understand something.”

Anam joined Watobe in August after scoring 42% in term 2. She attended nearly every Watobe live class over the ensuing months and doubled her maths mark to an incredible 82% in the final term!

Marks increased from code 3 to code 7 in five months
Grade 10

“If you’re struggling with maths, Watobe makes it easy!”

Asonge needed a good mark in order to take Pure Maths in grade 10. Before joining Watobe, he had a code 2. Within a few months of live classes he managed a code 5 in his final term. Way to go, Asonge!

Marks increased from code 2 to code 5 in three months
Grade 9

“The best thing about Watobe is how patient the teachers are.”

Luniko was failing with a code 1 in maths. His mom signed him up for Watobe in June and after months of hard work, he managed a code 4 in his final term. Thanks mom, and well done Luniko!

Marks increased from code 1 to code 4 in six months
Grade 9

How it works

  • Watobe maths classes take place on Zoom
  • Our teacher takes the class through interactive explanations and exercises, pausing frequently for questions
  • Teaching assistants provide additional support when learners get stuck
  • Each week there is a quiz to assess understanding
  • If you miss a class, the recording will be available within 24 hours

Upcoming live lessons

If you miss a class you can watch the recording.

Mon 15 Aug, 17:00Grade 8 Geometry of Straight Lines [Foundation]: lesson 1
Angles Around a Point
Mon 15 Aug, 17:00Grade 11 Measurement [Foundation]: lesson 1
Measurement Recap
Mon 15 Aug, 17:00Grade 7 Constructing Geometric Figures [Foundation]: lesson 3
Calculating For Angles
Tue 16 Aug, 17:00Grade 12 Finance, Growth and Decay [Foundation]: lesson 5
Future Value Formula -Stepping Up
Tue 16 Aug, 17:00Grade 9 Geometry: Straight Lines and Triangles [Foundation]: lesson 3
Types of Triangles, Sum of Angles in a Triangle
Tue 16 Aug, 17:00Grade 10 Statistics [Foundation]: lesson 3
Quartiles, the Five-Number Summary and Box-and-Whisker Plots

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