A for education

Founders Erik Lönnroth and Henry Warren started Watobe as a way to overcome the poor learning outcomes all too often encountered in overcrowded, under-resourced schools around Africa.  They wanted to ensure that children learn in a way that suited them in the digital age but didn’t lose the necessary human touch and guidance that all kids need to thrive. 

With thirty years of relevant experience combined, both Erik and Henry found a passion for transforming the way children learn while giving parents peace of mind at an affordable price. Watobe’s entire team of teachers, mentors, and technologists share the founders’ passion for learning. Based out of Cape Town and London, they’re working tirelessly to ensure any child with a device and a connection can access top-quality resources, instruction, and guidance.

Erik Lönnroth & Henry Warren
Erik Lönnroth & Henry WarrenWatobe Founders
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Quality teaching at an affordable rate

In order to succeed, a child may need more than just access to information. Sometimes, they need an adult who interacts, explains, listens, and cares. That’s why Watobe hires the most friendly, outgoing and all-round awesome teachers in the country. This ensures the evening live classes provide enough engagement, fun, interaction, and socialising to keep learners motivated throughout the school year.

Whilst some learners are capable of managing their own studies, many need extra support and resources. That’s where Watobe Gold comes in.

Our mentors are trained in psychology and help foster sound study habits based around weekly goal setting and regular routines. Members on our Gold tier receive regular check-ins from their dedicated mentors to keep them on track and we intervene if we see study habits slip.

The Watobe app, also available on our Gold tier, contains thousands of extra resources to complement our live streams, including quick help videos, practice questions, and quizzes, giving learners the flexibility  to study at the time and speed they need.

 Watobe Gold is priced at a mere fraction of private tutoring rates. It’s our commitment to providing a brighter future for the continent’s young, and peace of mind for their parents.